An Announcement from Last to Fire

2016 was an interesting year for us as a band. We played our final show with our front-man and co-founder Jason Palumbo. Since his departure, we have been re-grouping, trying some new material, and getting ready to make a comeback in 2017. We have decided to change our name to "Get Steady" to better reflect our new music and message. Our initial lineup includes all the remaining Last to Fire members:

Over the next few weeks, you will see our online presence change from "Last to Fire" to "Get Steady".

Our first performance will be at the 2nd annual Light City festival in Baltimore. We are scheduled to play on Friday, April 6 at 5pm. We will post more official details as the date gets closer. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Thanks so much for supporting us throughout the years and through this transition. We hope to bring you the best live show possible with this new project!

Alex, Logan, Evan, and Jon



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