Last to Fire started in the summer of 2012 when Jason Palumbo and Evan Ponter finally decided to form a full band with Jason as the lead vocalist after playing music together for two years. The genre of soul was quickly identified as the guiding light for musical decisions. A rock-inspired energy became the second musical pillar for this young, new project. Evan took on the role of guitarist, while Jason provided the low-end on keys and focused on vocals. The hunt for the remaining members began.

Chad Yan, a close friend of Evan and fraternity brother of Jason, was approached with an offer to play drums. After a few sessions of practicing together at UMBC, he became the third member. The trio worked to familiarize themselves with each other musically and prepared some material so that they could continue their search for band mates.

Alex Appelbaum, a fraternity brother of Jason, was invited to audition on bass in December, and quickly fit right in with the band's sound and vision. He cemented the initial lineup for Last to Fire, and the quartet quickly scrambled to polish their set for the December 30th debut show at the Recher Theatre in Towson, MD.

After a few months of playing shows, the band was in search of horn players to join the band in late June of 2013. Logan Goodspeed (a trumpeter and fraternity brother of Jason, Alex, and Chad) fit the bill and completed the lineup of five UMBC musicians. The band continued to gig, write original music, and then set their sights on recording an album.

Their debut EP was recorded in the early months of 2014 with help from audio engineer and good friend Shane Stanton. On June 27, 2014, the 5-track debut EP was released, featuring rock songs written to make people dance (despite one of the tunes being named “Don’t Make Me Dance”). This project was a huge milestone for the band and also proved to be a turning point. Each member saw what they were capable of and what they could push themselves to do next. After considerable thought, guitarist Evan and bassist Alex decided to switch instruments. The whole band felt that they could play a better live show in this formation, and wanted to see what was possible as they began writing material for their next album.

The second EP showcases the band’s extremes with its soulful vocal runs on one track and huge, rock guitar riffs on the next. As each member has grown to be very comfortable playing with one another, the music has evolved into more tightly arranged parts where timing and pitch are absolutely critical. Vocal melodies are finding their upper limits and pushing them slightly. Bass riffs carefully mimic kick drum patterns. Trumpet, guitar, and piano feud to complete multi-layers of solo instruments on top of the rhythm section. Eric Taft was tapped to step in as audio engineer for this project, which started in late March and finished in mid June. The release came on June 29th, 2015 - just a few days after the one-year anniversary of the first EP.

During the final phases of the second EP being completed, drummer Chad Yan accepted a career opportunity that did not allow him to continue playing with the band. While he will be dearly missed, the band did not let his departure stunt their momentum. Jon Constantinides, another UMBC student who had sung with Jason in the Mama’s Boys, joined the band to fill the drumming void.

Bigger and longer shows are now being booked as the band is starting to have some recognition in the greater Baltimore area. With support from people like 98 Rock’s Matt Davis, host of the Noise in the Basement show, the Last to Fire show calendar always has something booked. Find a live show near you!


Last to Fire is currently accepting offers for gigs. Whether it's a concert in a traditional venue or a private event, we are flexible and will work with you to deliver a high-quality performance.

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